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Permanent Jewelry

As a concept, jewelry that’s never taken off isn’t anything new. Take ancient Egyptians, for example, who often buried Pharaohs with their jewelry in an effort to ensure they’d have these adornments for the afterlife. This idea of keeping your jewelry on as protection, a rite of passage, or a symbol of identity spans different cultures, religions, and stages of life.  Jewelry has served as a physical manifestation of emotions and beliefs since the beginning of time, and we love thinking about how modern interpretations link back to previous eras. The sentimental aspect is perhaps the biggest indicator that this trend will have a long lifespan.

Aside from the innate perks of never worrying about losing your jewelry, there are several reasons why one might choose to weld a bracelet around their wrist. While many of our guests come in for a solo gift for themselves, we’re often seeing groups of friends, inter-generational families, and romantic partners coming in to mark a special moment in their lives,

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