Active Pureness Complete Facial (50 Minutes) : $90  (Express - 30 Minutes) : $60

Deep cleansing and purifying treatment using a special Spirulina Algae mask that gives a fresh, bright, and uniform appearance to the skin. It smooths, improves skin tissue, and provides a mattifying action. Ideal for all skin conditions including impure skin, oily skin, and wrinkles,

Beauty Reloaded Facial (75 Minutes) : $150
A soothing, replenishing, calming, and emotionally comforting facial that recovers and reinforces the epidermal barrier after periods of intense stress. Delicate formulas enriched with natural-origin Prebiotics, Marula oil, Marvel of Peru and Mexican Hyssop extracts are used, leaving the skin comfortable yet reinforced. This facial is for compromised skin, requiring nourishment, strength, and protective action.

Fast Beauty Touch (30 Minutes) : $50
An Express Facial that allows you to enjoy relaxation and rejuvenation even if you are on the go.

Hydramemory Facial Massage (60 Minutes) : $90 (Express - 30 Minutes) : $60
Intensive hydrating treatment for face, neck, and Décolleté with Biomimetic fragments, Hyaluronic Acid and Macro Hyaluronic Acid for a bright and silky glow.  This facial cosmetically supports the compactness of the skin and helps to prevent the visible signs of premature aging.  Ideal for all skin conditions, specific for particularly dehydrated and stressed skin.

Recover Touch Facial (50 Minutes) : $90
Intensive antioxidant vitamin treatment with Goji Berries that revitalizes and nourishes the skin. It cosmetically protects, sooth, nourishes, and tones the skin.

Remedy Soothing Facial (50 Minutes) : $90

Specifically designed for delicate and hyper-sensitive skin prone to redness. Fragrance-free formulas rich in Marcel of Peru, Medican Hyssop, and Marula Oil provide immediate relief and repair. A prebiotic from natural sugars reinforces the skin’s good bacteria, for optimal cutaneous defense.

Sacred Nature Facial  (45 Minutes) : $100
Intensive nourishing Ecocert™ facial cosmetic treatment. Dry and Undernourished skin is revitalized with Bio-certified Ecocert™ formulas, rich of Buriti Oil and Butterfly Bush Extract. This facial utilizes an intensive cosmetic antioxidant that provides protection of the external skin barrier.

Sublime Skin Complete Facial  (50 Minutes) : $100
Our exclusive waterless bi-phasic mask with Vitamin PP and hexapeptide-8 helps to cosmetically oxygenate skin tissues and to give an instant firming effect.  It smooths, illuminates, and evens skin tone while stimulating the epidermal cells renewal. It improves the appearance of soft and premature wrinkles as well as restores tone and volume.

Sublime Skin Deluxe Peel & Lift (75 Minutes) : $130 (Delicate) - $150 (Intensive)

Combines renewing efficacy of the double peel with the innovative firming bi-phasic mask. Particularly recommended for mature skins, with visible signs of aging.

Sublime Skin Double Peel  (45 Minutes) : $100

Smoothes, illuminates and makes skin tone uniform by stimulating the epidermal cells renewal. Improves the appearance of soft and premature wrinkles.

Sublime Skin Eye Patch (15 Minutes) : $25

Thanks to a fresh and innovative Hydrogel Peptide Mask, visibly reduce fatique of the eye contour. It improves the aspect of wrinkles, blue hues, and signs of tiredness.

Sublime Skin Hormon-Aging (75 Minutes) : $170

The ultimate treatment counter skin thinning, extreme dryness and loss of density due to menopause. Exclusive Cell-Support Technology, innovative oil-based textures and two special massage techniques, Dermal Petrissage and Kobido, reactive cellular communication, regerante and re-desify the skin.

Urban Glow (15 Minutes) : $40

An intensive 15 minute treatment, dedicated to those who are time-pressed with dull, stressed skin, creating immediate glow and plumping.

Urban Detox Facial (60 Minutes) : $140

The perfect antidote for everyone to detox the skin from pollution and to specifically fight imperfections and adult acne.

Urban Longevity Facial (30-60 Minutes) : $80-$140

The perfect antidote to modern fatigue and urban lifestyle, this facial is ideal for those with dull, stressed, aging skin. Customizable to correct specific stress-related imperfections and signs of aging. It rejuvenates the skin and leaves you feeling recharged.